About Kari

“I believe in the magic of sacred space and creating all that you can be.”


For many years, I’ve been a Leadership Coach, working primarily with women in middle and senior level management positions to help them increase their “leadership presence,” as we dispel the myths that that have held them back and address behavioral challenges that have gotten in the way of their success. My clients have become more confident and productive leaders.

While this work has been satisfying, I want to do deeper, more transformational work with you. I am passionate about helping you to fulfill your life’s purpose and to navigate transitions using rituals.

I have a rock solid belief that by creating a sacred space you can trust me with your issues, concerns and problems – and of course, your desires. Holding a sacred space for you in which to explore and reflect is one of my core qualities that will help you take the risks you need to take to live a truly purposeful life and to reach your dreams.

My Life’s Purpose:

To hold a sacred space that enables people to transform their dreams into creating the life that is purposeful and fulfilling.