Life Purpose Workshop

Turning Your Life’s Passion into Your Life’s Work

Are you at the point in your life when you are asking, “Why am I here?” What’s my life purpose?” You have a purpose whether you know it or not or can put it into words.

Just by asking these questions, you are beginning a time of reflection when you can assess what in your life engages you fully, enables you to use your gifts, and leaves you feeling satisfied that you are indeed doing “your life’s work.”

Join your fellow seekers in a highly engaging and experiential workshop* and you will leave with clarity and focus and can take the first steps towards fulfilling your life’s purpose immediately.

The objectives of the workshop are:

•             Discover what engages and satisfies you

•             Develop a life purpose statement that you can use to make life choices

•             Begin to develop an action plan to fulfill your life’s purpose

* Certified to conduct workshops in “Life Purpose” with Success Unlimited Network ® which helps people identify their life’s purpose

My purpose statement: To hold sacred space so people can feel more connected to the source (or spirit) and live the purposeful life they are meant to live. My role is to help you stay rooted to the earth while soaring to your dreams.