Life Purpose Coaching: Turn Your Life’s Purpose Into Your Life’s Work

I believe in deep listening and paying attention to the music beneath the words.

Transforming your dreams into reality is easy: discovering your life’s purpose is the hard part! It is so often shrouded in mystery and you often get glimpses of it throughout your life but putting all the pieces together can be confusing.

Using a methodology to identify your life’s purpose and then creating a life purpose statement can focus your journey of discovery. As a coach, not only do I work with you to identify your life’s purpose but then help you bridge the gap between where you are in your career, relationships, spirituality and what you want your future to look like.  I will create a safe space for you to explore options and then listen deeply to help you feel safe with new behavior.

At the end of the coaching engagement you will have:

·        Developed a life purpose statement

·        Created strategies to turn your life purpose statement into your life’s work 

·        Begun the process of implementing these strategies