Strengthening Vocal Presence

Vocal Presence is using voice tone, color and richness to complement other non-verbal cues to communicate a message that is consistent with your verbal content.

Vocal Presence is a critical component in your ability to get your message across and to project a powerful presence out to the world. Impressive Vocal Presence improves your effectiveness. Poor Vocal Presence hinders it.

Vocal Presence uses a five-element framework that allows you to become more aware of all aspects of your voice—where it is strong and effective and where it needs tuning. The framework is based on a methodology developed in the 1960s by Roy Hart and further enhanced by Barbara McAfee in her book, “Full Voice: The Art and Practice of Vocal Presence.

Vocal Presence is particularly important for women leaders, whose voices, lacking a strong resonate quality, often detract from their power. Women executives need to cultivate and demonstrate a strong professional presence, create a more positive self-image, and develop vocal and physical behaviors and strategies that enhance their success. After Vocal Presence coaching, you will be able to:

·        Identify how your voice impacts your ability to clearly communicate with your clients

·        Discover the strengths and weaknesses in your voice and how they directly correlate with your presence

·        Experience the full range of your voice(s) so you can choose which voice to use to effectively communicate your message

·        Develop increased effectiveness and presence through the alignment of your voice and intention

Did you know that Margaret Thatcher retained a voice coach to lower the pitch of her voice and soften its tone?  Her voice was characterized as “shrill” before voice coaching and “Powerful” after the coaching.